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CAST 2016


Pinball Machines and PBL

T3 Retreat 2016


Genius Hour

TCEA 2016

STEMCon 2015

NSTA 2015

The Maker Movement

T3 Retreat 2014


Are you Drowning in Apps?
Genius Hour
Bored Students? Differentiate!

SDE- DI 2014

SDE-logo-whitePBL with Pinball Machines

ISTE 2014

PBL with Pinball Machines

Region 4- Tech Apps Conference, October 2013

Genius Hour
PBL with Pinball Machines

Book Study 2013

Why Student’s Don’t Like School

T3 Retreat 2013


Inspired by Middle School
ArtTech Fusion
Pinning Problems?

TCEA 2013

Moodle to the Max
Curriculum Fusion: It’s Elementary
ArtTech Fusion

Region 4- Tech Apps Conference, October 2012

Weebly Websites
ArtTech Fusion

TCEA 2012

Top Ten Take-aways From the Academy

TCEA 2011

HBU- Educators Symposium 2010

Clickin’ Through Social Media

TCEA 2010