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Click here for a look at the example site.

Pages and Navigation

There are 2 things to keep in mind with Google sites, you can edit and add more pages, or you will edit the navigation (edit site layout). Think of your site like a binder. You have some pages already in your binder. You will need to edit those pages (click on the pencil). You might need to add more pages (click on the add page button). Once you add new pages, you will need to add those new pages to your “table of contents” or the navigation on the left. Click on the more button and edit site layout to change the navigation.

Updating your name on the navigation

Any time you need to add information to the blue part on the left, you will click on the more button at the top, and go to Edit page layout. Then click in the navigation area, and you can edit that information.

Editing a page

This is for the “white” areas on your site.

Editing a page and Adding a link

You can insert a Google doc directly to the page, but if you do not have your information as a Google doc, you will have to insert the link. Copy the link (from your Google drive) and then insert the link onto your page.

Adding a new page and updating the navigation

Use the add a new page button at the top to create a new page. Once you add the new page, you need to add it to your navigation (click more–>edit site layout–>click anywhere on the navigation to insert the new page).

Announcements and Homework

Homework and announcements are set up like a blog. You just click on the “add a new post” button to insert a new message. To delete a message, click on the TITLE of that announcement to take you to the page. Then click on more–>delete page. ***Make sure you do not delete the ENTIRE announcement/homework section!!!***

Editing Gadgets

Gadgets are fun because you can put them on a variety of pages. There are many different kinds that you can include, including a countdown calendar for the 100th day of school.

Putting it altogether

This video is a bit longer than the others, but it quickly moves through how to clean up your site and make everything come together. You could almost watch this first and have a good understanding of what to do.