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Technology in my class

I am fortunate to be at a school that allows students to bring their own devices.  Unfortunately, not ALL of the students have a device, nor do they all bring the same device, and I REALLY struggle with control of what the students are doing on their devices.  (Like when I call out that one student that is usually off task for having their tablet out, only for them to show me they really are taking notes on it THIS time. ugh!)

I have come up with a plan that I *think* might work.  I would like to find a way to get 12 chromebooks and 5 ipads (2nd+ gen) for my classroom.  This would give me everything I need to conduct class similar to a 1:1 environment.

Right now, the students are doing a bell-ringer with Socrative.  Since not everyone has a device, student have to wait and share devices (I have 3 in the mix).  I have tried doing this on paper, which is ok, it is just so much faster electronically since it grades it for me. 🙂

I am a very hands on teacher.  I would say we spend 80-90% of our time researching (with limited devices in the room), working in our interactive notebooks, and doing activities/labs.  When I need all of the students researching, we have to go down to the computer lab.  Unfortunately, one of my classes is not able to go since there is a class in there at the same time.  Instead, I have to ask the students to bring in their laptops (which not everyone has) so we can work in the classroom.

I would be a dream to go paperless and have the students upload assignments into a Google Apps for Education account (which is already set up, it just needs to be deployed). Students could work on their papers on Google docs and just share them with the teacher. Voila! No more excuses for the dog eating the homework!

Just last week I had a group of student come rushing down the hall to show me a game called Plague that they found about viruses. They were so excited and suggested we have a contest to see who can play the game the best. With only a small handful of students having access to a device that can run the game, it is just not possible right now. (I did ask other science teachers about a lesson plan involving the game, but with it being so new, no one has really come up with anything yet.)

I am also a huge fan of claymation.  The iPad has some WONDERFUL apps that allow easy claymation creation.  Once Again, I am limited to the devices that students can bring (and the apps they have on theirs).  Here is an example of a stop motion that the high schoolers created using my iPad.

Do you think my argument is strong enough?

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