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Starting School

I cannot even begin to express how much better I feel this year starting school.  Instead of having 2 days in between leaving my previous job, and taking on being the only middle and upper school science teacher at a small private school, I actually had an entire summer to plan what I wanted to do this year!  (Well, minus the few weeks that I decided to gut and redo my girls bathroom so they each have their own sink instead of sharing one…but that is a story for another day.)

The first day was great as we jumped right into school.  I always found it boring that every teacher always went over the same expectations for every single class, so I skip that part. Being at a small school, I only get one new class every year, the other students stay the same until they leave.  Good for me because I know their personalities and what they need to help them learn…might be bad for them if they don’t like me. 😛

I am looking forward to sharing our adventures as we try something new this year–genius hour!  More to come later!

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