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I have been running a race and came in last place

All year long, I have been running a race.  I have tripped over every hurdle along the way, skinned up my knees and finished last place.  But I am okay with that.  At least I finished!  I am not a quitter!  I have all summer to get strong and healthy, study a new strategy and get prepared for another race.

This year has been worse than my first year teaching.  Worse, because I was a first year teacher again, but this time I knew everything I was messing up.  That saying, “ignorance is bliss,” is really true!  My husband tells me I have been more stressed this year than ever before.  He is probably right.  It has been a different kind of stress though.

Each area of science, though is all connected somehow, is very different from the other.  Biology, chemistry and physics might as well be classified as different subject areas as far as I’m concerned!  When I was handed an entire middle school science department to build (there was nothing left worth noting from the last 2 science teachers), and help supplement the high school’s online science curriculum…well let’s just say it was a big job!

I spent my weekends planning what was to come that week.  Each night during the week I had to find or create what I was using the next day.  Oh wait, the students turned in work all week that needed to be graded!  I tried my best to squeeze that in on the weekends around planning for the next week.  When my time ran out and the hours of the day were gone, I typically failed putting it in the online gradebook so parents could see.  Forget being a wife, mom, or even taken time for myself this past school year.

It is has been a wild ride, but I cannot wait to do it again…this time even better!

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