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How I WISH I would have introduced Genius Hour

We are now 4 weeks into Genius Hour and it dawned on me how I wish I would have introduced it to the students.

Let me back up a bit…The second week we talked about ideas for their own passion projects. It was a whole class discussion because I knew there would be some that had no clue how to get started. Many of them did share individual projects that they wanted to work. But them more we talked the more would say…”Oh I like that idea! Can we work in a group?”

Four weeks later most of the students have changed from their original idea and are working in a group on a project. This is not where I wanted it to go.

What I am seeing (and I did now from the start), it is easy to play school, it is hard to think outside the box.

There are a handful of great projects! And then there are the rest…

I made the mistake of telling them I would let them change (after they asked) but only until mid September. Then they have to stick with what they have started on. I have one who has changed at least 4 times each time they enter my room.

What I should have done is narrowed down their topic. I should have made the first semester strictly science topics/challenges. They could chose what they want to tow work on, but that limits the subject area and it is not so scary to come up with something totally on their own.

I am going to give this some thought and might even surprise them next week with a new plan of action on their passion projects.

(After listening to the ideas students had for their projects, I decided to download MineCraft for one of my projects for my own personal class.)

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