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Genius Hour Wrap-up

I have not posted as much as I would like, but that will come…

We wraped-up our first semester of working on passion projects during “Genius Hour.” It is hard to know the direction you want to go until after you have experience with it. I have a MUCH better idea where I want to go now!

Even though we spent almost 18 weeks working on passion projects, I still had a few angels that struggled with the whole concept. Even at the very end, the day before presenting their projects, they were telling me they did not know what to do. :\

To recap the idea of what genius hour was (I did the same with the students):

  • This was a time to explore a new concept, or ask questions about something they were unsure of. (***In reality, some students REALLY struggled with this.)
  • The projects they started might not be finished, and for me, that was okay since this was our first time doing this.
  • There was no right or wrong way to do something, they just had to be working on something.
  • As they presented, they were supposed to tell us how to replicate what they had done, but rather their struggles and successes with their projects.

Most presentations ended up telling us (in GREAT detail) how to do something. I kept having to steer them back to how they felt about their projects.

Next semester we are focusing on science fair projects. They will be PASSIONATE about them!

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