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ArtTech Fusion

Goal: To think about how to promote creativity in your classroom.

Why is art education so important?

Changing Education Paradigms-
Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?-
The Creativity Crisis-

Using the Technology

  • Photograph student work–> Many student have cell phones that can take pictures (don’t forget photography is an art form)
  • Create online student portfolios (with the pictures they just took)–> Use sites like Weebly where students can link to their artwork from a picture account like Picasa (GAFE?) or Flickr; Voicethread if you have an account
  • Be mindful of TOU’s; sites such as Artsonia can use the artwork for anything they want
  • Have an iPad? Create a claymation
  • Online art galleries

Creating new art

  • Take a picture of a candy box; change it to a line drawing; print 3 copies and color using only 4 colors (Andy Warhol)
  • Have the students walk around and find lines with a digital camera; create an Animoto video using the pictures
  • Another camera activity–>take a picture of the student’s face, cut it in 1/2 and have them sketch the other 1/2
  • Graphic design–> show students 99designs, have the students pick a project, sketch it out by hand, then create online and enter
  • Use google sketchup to create a product and then build using clay or paper mache
  • 35 uses for cryaons
  • PINTEREST!!!!!!

Fav Programs

Google Sketchup-
Andrea Mosaic-
Mark Kistler-
The Artist’s Toolkit-
Incredible Art-
Universal Leonardo-
Awesome Art Images-
The Art Zone-


Deep Space Sparkle-
We Heart Art-
The Artful Parent-
Activity Mom-

Apps for the iPad

I am not one of those people that uses a ton of apps that do the same thing.  These are the ones that I personally like but there are a ton out there.

Draw (free)– Very journal/sketchbook like, great for being freeKids Doodle (free)– fun to play on because it is like finger painting with neon
Crayola Digi Tools (free)– You have to buy the Crayola tools to unlock the entire program, but well very fun to work with
Drawing Carl lite (free)– Fun sticker program!
Art Studio (2.99)– feels like Photoshop, able to do layers
Origami (free)– shows you some simple origami
Pottery Lite (free)– great to get students used to a potters wheel before actually starting one, sell your pots so you can spend money in the store
Pixel’d (free)– Put out by Disney; good way of explaining pixels versus a vector program; then animate your drawing
Animation Lite (2.99)– I downloaded this when it was free, great app for creating a “flip” book
artCircles (free)– pull up artwork based on color scheme, artist or subject area
Draw Something (free)– Play pictionary with your friends!
iFontMaker (6.99)– Worth every penny!  Make your own fonts and then export them to their site and download them to your computer.  Have your students create their own fonts!!!
iStopMotion (4.99)– Hands down the best stop motion app out there